사부님이신 불교금강영관 관주 양익대종사로부터 심인을 전수받고 선무도 대금강문을 열어 세속포교를 한지 어느덧 36년이 되었습니다.

부처님의 가르침과 원효성사의 일심∙화쟁사상을 선무도란 방편에 실어 상구보리 하화중생의 대승보살도를 서원으로 전 세계의 수많은 제자들과 법연을 맺어왔습니다.

이러한 인연공덕이 시방법계에 두루하여 모두가 건강하고 행복한 삶을 살며 나아가 큰 깨달음을 성취하길 발원합니다.

나무아미타불 !


대금강문 문주 적운 합장


It was over 36 years ago when my teacher, Great Master Yangik, the founder of Bulgyo Geumgang Yeonggwan (Indestructible Contemplation of Buddhism), transmitted his “mind seal” to this humble disciple. Soon I opened the Dae-guem-gang-mun(Great Diamond School) of Sunmudo, and began to propagate Sunmudo(SeonMuDo) to the secular world.


I adopted the skillful means of Sunmudo to apply the Buddha’s teachings and Master Wonhyo’s philosophy of “One Mind and reconciliation of differences.” From then on, Sunmudo has helped me to make beautiful connections of Dharma with numerous disciples throughout the globe based on my vows of the Mahayana Bodhisattva Path which embodies seeking enlightenment and teaching sentient beings at the same time.


Today I reaffirm my vow that these karmic connections and merits permeate the ten directions of the universe, and therefore, all beings shall flourish with good health and happiness and eventually attain great enlightenment.


Homage to Amitabha Buddha!


Master Jeog-un

Founder of the Great Diamond School of Sunmudo